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As you read this letter, you'll discover...

How To Get In Front of Your Prospective Clients In 30 Days Or Less

Applying the same principles, strategies, and secrets I use to consistently get clients and grow my freelance business.

Hey there, John here…

Almost 3 years ago, we launched a 30-day masterclass to raise funds for Akie who was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia… a rare disease causing inflammation and irreversible damage to the liver.

As a result, we’ve had over 263 people join us in our cause to help her afford a liver transplant procedure with each member paying no less than PHP7,500 each for access.

Akie says ‘thank you!’, by the way

Akie says ‘thank you!’, by the way… 😊

And it was only later did we realize that the little 30-Day Challenge did not only save Akie’s life…

It also brought tremendous success to those who took part in the challenge generating dozens upon dozens of success stories.

Some have gone on to make more than 6-figures and 7-figures a month, some have created online programs and/or agencies of their own, and some are now household names in their respective markets.

The 30 Day Challenge Skyrocketed My Progress...

“...It laid out the framework of what I should be doing. I knew back then that I was good but I was all over the place. No structure, tira lang ng tira. I was still a skeptic but as time progressed, I now know that this JTL who I still call sir John is the real deal!

...Gaga lang ang di bibili unless of course, madami kang pera.”

Niel Reichl Featured Image
Niel Reichl
Founder | BottBott
1st Asian Manychat Ambassador

I Was Able To Resign From My Job

“ANYONE… even a complete beginner can get direct PREMIUM clients in as fast as 30 days (depends on your work ethic, of course). Oh by the way, halfway through John's program, I was able to resign from my job 😉”

Carlo Mercado Featured Image
Carlo Mercado
Author | Black Book of Common Cents

More Than Just A Premium Client

“...what I got was incomparable to a thousand dollar client. It was a mindset more accepting of failures being part of results that will help me win day to day instead of overnight. Grateful that it has formed my business tenacity both mentally and emotionally especially in Connecting and even after getting Paid.”

Ice Santos-Rabi Featured Image
Ice Santos-Rabi
Founder | Digital Doctor

How many of you can relate to one of these two scenarios:

You are an expert in what you do but the amount of skills you have doesn’t seem to reflect the money in your bank account.


You’re just starting out but you have no idea how to get started with this whole freelancing ‘thing’ and that confusion and overwhelm is leading to procrastination.

Well, we’re going to put an end to all of this, right here right now – without wasting any more time.

I know your time is valuable, and I promise not to waste it with a long ass ‘maalaala mo kaya’ story para lang bumilib ka sakin.

So let me get straight to the point.


Getting clients is simple.

(Not easy but definitely simple)

It’s not mad science.

In fact, we only have…

Three simple steps in getting freelancing clients to work with.

STEP 1: Identify a specific market we want to serve

STEP 2: Create an offer that the market wants

STEP 3: Put the offer in front of as many prospects as possible.

Simple, right?

And if you can follow those 3 STEPS, you can take yourself to market with reasonable assurance that you will have a freelance service that clients would want to hire you for.

Now, you’re probably thinking…

“There’s gotta be more to it than that…”

The truth?

That’s all there really is to it.

In fact, if you already know (and do) those three steps by heart… you can close this page right now.

I’m serious.

Because there’s a good chance you’re already doing well getting prospects and clients on your own and you don’t need my help.


Most freelancers don’t even know how to do STEP 1 let alone all three.

Which is why we created…

The 30 Day Client-Getting Blueprint

30 Solid Days of Proven Strategies, Hacks, and Daily Tasks to Get in Front of Your Prospective Freelancing Clients

Remember the 30-day masterclass at the beginning of this letter? 

Well, not only did we update the strategies, hacks, and daily tasks to get you in front of prospective clients faster…

We also made it affordable for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction the original price.

Good day fellow blueprinters!

As you can see, following sir John’s blueprint gave me a problem! A HAPPY PROBLEM, actually! 🥰

I’m a work at home mom with 2 kids (breastfeeding mom too), have 2 clients that I am working with for more than a year now (this is before the 30 day Client Getting Challenge).

Then everything else is like a magic. Really.

It was only Day 4 palang nung nagstart akong makareceive na ng mga job offers because I focused on my target market and now have a clarity with what skill set I should use.

So by February 9th. I was able to add 4 PREMIUM CLIENTS! 🙏🙏🙏 (All thanks to God and to this group! Super supportive! And syempre kay coach JTL na walang sawa na nagpupush sa ating lahat na gawin ang mga tasks para ma-attain ang magandang bukas! 🥰)

Sorry na po, medyo tuwang tuwa lang talaga ako kaya nagiging makata lang. 😂

Nica Chesca Soriano Feat Image
Nica Chesca Soriano
30-Day Blueprint Student

For less than 26Php/day…

You can now give your freelance business its much needed boost.

So ano mabibili mo sa bente pesos?

Well… a lot, actually.

WEEK 1 / Crafting An Irresistible Offer

This is where it all starts. From identifying your market to creating an offer that clients find irresistible, you’ll have a solid foundational understanding on what it takes to make clients pay attention to what you have to offer.

What We’ll Work On

WEEK 1 BONUS Limiting Beliefs Webinar

Having the right mindset is the foremost attribute required for every entrepreneur. So to make sure that you’re ready to take on the challenges ahead, we’re giving you free access to one of our most popular paid training for free.

WEEK 2 / Generating Client Attention

Attention is the currency online. And in our second week together, we’ll help you plan your client-getting activities and increase your network to get in front of as many prospects as possible the non-sleazy way.

What We’ll Work On

WEEK 2 BONUS Upwork Hacks for Premium Clients

Most freelancers started their journey using an online platform like Upwork. But many are struggling to get clients. This guide will help you attract high-quality clients on Upwork. This guide includes a simple way to get noticed and ‘invites’ from clients at a rate of $25/hr and above.

WEEK 3 / Prospect Outreach

In this training, we’ll show you how you can get clients whether they are on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or freelancing sites like Upwork. You will walk-away from this training knowing exactly what to say and do when connecting with potential clients.

What We’ll Work On

WEEK 3 BONUS Passive Freelance Income Webinar

There’s no such thing as passive income in freelancing right? Wrong! You can make “passive” income even if you’re a freelancer. This webinar will show you that earning passive income as a freelancer is possible.

WEEK 4 / More Client-Getting Strategies

Aside from walking away from this training with every client-outreach strategies and hacks imaginable… we’re also giving you some ammunition so clients would come to you instead of the other way around. Oh, and the prospects you connected with in week two and three? They are now ripe for follow-ups!

What We’ll Work On

WEEK 4 BONUS 12 Masterclass Trainings from Experts

It’s a compilation of Masterclass Lessons from Philippine’s best freelancers and experts and we’re giving it to you free when you join the 30-Day Client Getting Blueprint.

Who knows, maybe even before the 30th day ends you could be like these folks…

Others Have Paid More Than PHP 7,500 For Some Of The Information Contained In This 30-Day-Program.

But you’re getting it for ONLY…

The 30 Day Client-Getting Blueprint

Total Original Value = P36,000

Today’s Price = P1,500

Now, the truth is we could charge P10,000 for this program and it’ll still be underpriced. As you can see on the testimonials above, just one client paying you $500 a month is already enough to 20x your investment.

Now, I understand that you may have some questions or doubts about the program…

I don’t blame you.

And if you’re STILL not sure if it’is worth checking out…

Or if it’s right for you…

The good news is you don’t even have to believe a single word I say.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course, I have you covered with my 365 Days 100% “Love it or return it” Money Back Guarantee which means…

Money Back Guarantee Logo

You have a FULL entire year to give this a try. If at any point you feel that this was not worth your investment, or ayaw mo lang talaga sa pagmumukha ko (lol!), just send us a quick email and we’ll give you back a no questions asked, hassle-free, 100% full refund. 

In fact, I demand that you ask for a refund.

I don’t want your money if you don’t think you got at least 10 times the value of what you paid.

Now, I’m not exactly sure what your motivation will be for joining.

Maybe you just want to have the peace of mind and not be worried about where you’re going to get a client to pay for next month’s bills.

Or maybe you’re an overachiever and you want to get as many clients as you want as you scale your freelance business to the moon…

It’s your choice.

You already know it’s possible.

You’ve seen it happen for our members.

You saw how ordinary people are now living extraordinary lives using that very same strategies which you’re about to discover inside this program.

The only question is…

Will you let us help you get there?

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is meant to help anyone doing freelancing online or anyone who wants to start doing it. If you are already fully booked and you have no problems getting clients and inquiries about your services, then this is not for you.

While others focus on building skills and portfolio — this program focuses on getting you in front of prospects (possibly clients) even if you don’t have the experience, credentials, or portfolio.

Creating proposals isn’t included in the program. We realized that our most successful students aren’t those who knew what to say but rather those who actually know how to get their offer in front of an interested prospect. So we focused this program on giving you the right foundation and the right tools to get your offer out to as many targeted prospects as possible to give you a higher chance of success.

Yes! All of the content is inside of a members area and ready to go. You will get Instant Access as soon as you complete your purchase.

I’ll see you on the inside.

John Pagulayan

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