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5 Reasons Call Center Agents Make The Best Freelancers

Call center agents the best!

For these agents turned freelancers, they started freelancing because they just wanted a side-hustle to make extra income.

Who knew their call center training turned out to be the best thing that could prepare them for their journey ahead as freelancers? 

Here are 5 reasons why call center agents make the best freelancers:

#1: Sanay sila sa rejections

“Hi, this is Ella from *****, we will give you a free phone if you add a new line of service!


Let’s face it, hindi madali maging agent. If you’re in outbound sales you eat rejections every single day. Imagine nababagsakan ka ng telepono over and over until one day you realize you’ve developed thick skin.

That, and you learn how to handle rejection in a different way. 

Take it from Ella who’s now a freelancer in sales development. 

“Kapag wala talaga ako maitutulong sa prospect client, I don’t feel bad. I move on at hahanap ako ng bagong prospect na may maitutulong ako.”

#2: Sanay sila makipagusap sa foreigners

Most newbies share a fear of speaking to international clients.

But not freelancers with a call center agent background.

Like Arvin who was an agent nung panahon na uso pa ang holdup sa Ortigas pag madaling araw (lol!), working in the BPO industry strengthened his communication skills.

Dagdag pa niya yung active listening and analytical thinking.

“These are the same skills that I use to this day in finding clients, knowing their problems via discovery call, crafting a solution presented in a proposal, and closing the deal.”

Arvin is a freelance Klaviyo email marketer who helps ecommerce businesses increase their sales.

#3: Sanay sila sa customer service

Reboot your modem, unplug and replug your device #TSR

*kroo kroo*

Call center agents make a living providing excellent customer service. 

Being a freelancer is no different. 

Kwento nga ni Orange who’s a Pinterest consultant…

“When I was a tech support/cs, we were trained to ask the right questions and dig deep with the customer to know the root cause of their problems.

I learned how to educate customers. Usually, warranties and policies are most confusing to customers. Read the fine print and never be afraid to tell them that they will get charged monthly for services. It will lower down the risk of canceled accounts.

This experience helped me as a freelancer until now to understand my clients and educate them.”

#4: They know how to handle client concerns

Thank u for calling ****! Can I put you on hold like, forever?

Biro lang. 🙂

Not everyone can handle demanding and stressful situations while maintaining professionalism and composure like call center agents do.

Sabi nga ni Jeramie who now works as an Online Business Manager, “This resilience and ability to manage stress can be advantageous in the world of freelancing, which can also involve tight deadlines, challenging clients, or unexpected obstacles.”

#5: They’re disciplined to stick to a process

You know what makes freelancing easier? Sticking to a proven process.

That’s exactly what Herlene had to say about how her call center days helped her. 

“Dahil nag BPO ako malaking bagay yung natutunan ko about structure and systems especially with decision making. Naikutan ko kasi yung inbound sales, technical support, customer service tsaka outbound services. I learned how a business works.

And dahil marami akong trainings na pinagdaanan, nakatulong yung mga processes na yan to create yung freelancing agency ko.”

She’s now a freelance omnichannel marketing strategist for food ecommerce businesses.

There you have it.

5 reasons why call center agents make the best freelancers.

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