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If you’ve ever wanted to stay at home, and still have money coming in your bank account — EVEN IF the ONLY thing you have is a laptop and an internet connection... then this will be the most important letter you’d ever read.

Dear Reader,

Two years since COVID-19 struck, people are still looking for ways to make extra income…

Now, what if we could show you how to add zeros to your income  – EVEN IF you have NO experience…

Even if you’re working full-time… ​

And do it in 30-days or less…​

All the while getting paid handsomely for it…​

Would you be interested?


Getting not one, not two… but THREE clients…

Or even FOUR clients at PREMIUM rates…

And do it all while you’re LEARNING to get better at what you do (Yep. Kahit hindi ka pa expert…)

Best part?

It doesn’t matter whether you come from corporate, government, academe, the BPO sector, or you’re still a student.

If you can use a computer, YOU can make this work.

And if you read through the end, you’ll discover…

  • A reliable additional income stream each and every month. One that is pandemic proof so you’d never have to worry about next month’s bills or groceries regardless if it’s ECQ, GCQ, or any other 3 letter quarantine status the government comes up with.
  • A step-by-step, 30-day plan to build your ideal business in the comfort of your own home — EVEN IF you’re just starting out.
  • PLUS, a proven working system which you can do part-time, enabling you to spend your time however you want… whether with family or friends, just because you want to.
  • And much, much more…

Because as these folks would attest…

It’s Simple To Build a Business Where You're The One In Control of WHO You Want To Work With and WHERE — not COVID, not your location, and definitely not your budget.

Which is why when it comes to choosing the right business to start, it is important to consider the risks involved and which one offers the best chances of success. After all, hindi biro mag invest ng time, money at effort.

And from what we found, FREELANCING hands down is one of the fastest, safest businesses to start. In fact, according to Entrepreneur.com Asia Pacific and SmallBizTrends, it’s one of the businesses with the best chances of success — especially during these trying times.

Think about it…

When you can start a business from anywhere you want, choose anyone you want to work with, not spend a single peso for capital, and have the highest chance of success…

Isn’t that opportunity something worth looking at?

Well, that’s exactly what freelancing is.

And when I say ‘freelancing, I’m NOT talking about…

The kind of freelancing where you’re tied to your seat because your client is tracking your hours…

Encoding data…

Or one where you have to ‘apply’ or hop on job interviews.

Now, while we have nothing against being paid on a per hour basis — it’s hard to achieve time and location freedom when you need to be glued in your seat for 8 plus hours each day.

I don’t know about you but do you really want a business where you can’t take a day or a week off simply because you want to?

The kind of freelancing I’m talking about is the one where clients are happy to pay you top dollar simply for the RESULTS you give them regardless of how many hours you’ve worked.

The kind of freelancing that makes businesses you’ve worked with ‘thankful’ that they have you in their corner…

The kind of freelancing that gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms…

And to know how you can cash in on this golden ticket…

This letter is a must read.

Hi, my name is John Pagulayan…

Most people know me as someone who teaches freelancers how to get clients and help get their freelancing business off the ground…

Now, if you haven’t heard of freelancing just yet, it simply means someone who has a service to offer other people.

Parang yung kapitbahay n’yong karpintero.

He’s called in for a specific task or repair…

He gets paid for doing just that and he says how much the job costs…

He has the right to choose who he wants to do repairs for…

He doesn’t have to work when he doesn’t feel like it…

He isn’t tied only to one household and can offer his services to anyone who needs it in the neighborhood.

That’s the offline version of a freelancer.

And if you haven’t heard of freelancing, I don’t blame you.

We were raised to find a job instead of building our own companies.

We were told that “security” can be found in the 4 walls of a cubicle.

We were assured of a comfortable retirement with our job.

So it isn’t surprising that most people haven’t heard of freelancing where YOU ARE in control.

And it’s not your fault.

We just aren’t simply aware this world exists… until recently.

In fact, I was “forced” into this world too.

Because in the 8 years I worked in a call center, I barely saw my ATM card kasi lagi siyang nakasangla.

I barely made enough to stay updated with the bills.

Yung tipong pag sumobra ng isang extra rice ung order sa Jollibee di na ako makakauwi.

And to make things worse…

I was also in debt.

So I decided to try and find a side hustle.

And that decision led me to discover the “world” of online freelancing.

That was around 7-8 years ago.

And while a lot of things have changed in my life and the life of my freelancing students since then…

May mga bagay na parehong pareho pa rin.

Starting with these 3 Myths that are holding people back from building their ideal freelancing business…

Myth #1: You Need Lots of Experience, Certifications, and a Thick Client Portfolio

For years, I had no website (kahit hanggang ngayon naman. lol!). No portfolio. No certifications of any kind.

Heck, I didn’t even get to graduate college.

But none of those stopped me from getting these kinds of results in my early years as a freelancer…

I didn’t work 16 or 20 hour days either, or tried every skill under the sun to generate those numbers.

I simply came from a place of HELP.

And by doing so, it allowed me to get clients to work with me kahit wala naman akong experience pa.

And I’m not the only one. A few of my students have done the same…

They Signed The Contract And Even Offered To Make A Downpayment

"Of all the blessings that I received since I joined Tribe (November 2020), these were the major ones…

I closed a $3,000 website project before November ended. This was really surprising because my market and skill are definitely not in website development. I am a content writer for B2B and SaaS companies.

At first, I was hesitant to submit a proposal for this. Sabi ko "eh hindi ito market at skill ko?"

It’s the same lesson Chief John R Pagulayan always emphasizes — to always come from a place of help and prioritize your clients’ needs — this is what makes us different.

See attached photo wherein they signed the contract and even offered to make a downpayment!"

Regina Mae C. Ongkiko | The Freelance Movement
Regina Mae C. Ongkiko

Is there some sort of trick?

A trick where clients hire you WITHOUT seeing your portfolio or work history?

Yes, there is…and it’s the OLDEST SALES TRICK in the book.

The trick is “finding the problem”.

Once you know what their pain points are it becomes a no brainer for your client to look into you for a solution.

When you can do this — ONLY THIS — everything changes…

You’re making the kind of money you want to be making, while your clients LOVE you for it…

Because they believe you have the answer they’ve been looking for…

And at some point, prospects will start RUSHING in to get your services.

Boom! Closed Deal for $4500

"...parang nag usap lang kami na matagal na kaming magkaibigan at nakuha ko ang mga pain points niya. Sent him a Proposal after 48hrs…

BOOM!!! Closed Deal!!! Option 1 $4500 for Funnel at Membership site project. Di ako makapaniwala ang pinakamahal pa na Option ang pinili niya!

After a day nag send na siya ng upfront fee...

Nabuhayan ako sa buwan ng mga PATAY… Buhay na buhay ang November ng Freelance Business ko.

Total closed deal for November $5200…"

Norman Elevcione | The Freelance Movement
Norman Elevencione

Ako Pa Rin Yung Nilapitan Niya

"Share ko ung win ko this week. 😊 May client na ako as an email copywriter! Yehey! 🎉🎊 New skill to na pinag-aaralan ko this year.

So nag call kami ni client. Hindi pala VA un kailangan nya. He needs someone who can write emails & send them daily.

Ha? So nagulat ako. Iba sa ineexpect ko. Pero naging honest ako. Sinabi ko na I have no experience being an email copywriter.

Hindi nga natuloy na maging client ko siya last year, pero ako pa rin yung nilapitan niya this year. Ngayong Feb, nag-message siya na asking for help sa email marketing. Ok na agad kami at nagpirmahan na ng contract."

Ruby Candido | The Freelance Movement
Ruby Candido

She Paid Me

"Wala ako talagang skills sa video editing cut and trim lang alam ko talaga.

Pero I decided to pursue to try lang. Nung nag call kami tinanong ko siya kung magkano ang budget niya then she said wala siyang idea.

So dahil wala din akong alam sa rate. I said I edited videos like this for 10 mins or less for 200 usd.

She paid me (3rd pic) then proceed with the video edits."

JC Viduya | The Freelance Movement
JC Viduya

Which is why I always tell people that EXPERIENCE, CREDENTIALS, and PORTFOLIOS have nothing or very little to do with your ability to build a successful freelance business.

Rather… it’s how well you listen to your prospect and find a problem you can solve for them.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

How EXACTLY do you do that? What do you say? How do you approach these clients?

It’ll all be revealed in a few.

But for now, let’s move on to…

Myth #2: You Can’t Charge Your First Few Freelancing Clients Premium Rates

Now if that were true…

How do you explain folks who just started out charging 10x or 20x more than the average?

And if you need to spend years freelancing before you can charge premium…

How do you explain freelancers with years under their belt still getting underpaid?

Is there a secret? A hidden method? Maybe an exclusive strategy only 6- and 7-figure freelancers know about?

Nope. There isn’t.

They were able to charge premium fees because they were able to make their prospect realize the VALUE of what they can do for their client’s business — no matter if they’re just starting out.

You simply need to communicate how you can help them.

You see, clients do not care about what you do.

They don’t care where you graduated, how many certifications you have, how ‘great’ you think your skill is… not even how many years you’ve been a freelancer if you have nothing to show for it.

What they’re paying premium for are results they think your service can give them.

So ask yourself this…

Is what you’re doing helping them achieve their end goal?

Is it solving their problem?

Is it making their lives easier?

Answer YES to any of those questions, and you can certainly charge high-ticket fees even if you’re just starting out.

Approach clients with this mentality, and you’ll always get paid higher than your competition… even if they’re more skilled, more talented, and have more “years freelancing”.

My First “Paid” Client As A Freelancer

"Closed a deal--->>> Instagram Marketing for $2,000USD with ZERO EXPERIENCE

I'm a registered nurse, spa owner and FREELANCER! (capslock para intense 😂)

I just wanna share my first "paid" client as a freelancer landed last week. Yep, last week pa. Today, I feel I need to share this na, how CLARITY changed everything, baka sakaling makarelate yung iba and you know, kung sa akin it works, maybe sa inyo din.”

Gail Caguioa | The Freelance Movement
Gail Caguioa

Paid In Full For 2 Months Work

“How I nailed my first $1600 from being a VA alone

Back story muna, I started my freelancing journey last year June 2020.

I got my first VA gig last October 2020 paying me 15usd/hr. Then I found this client from Indeed. Nung January ko pa sila iniistalk.

I stood out daw sa mga candidate nainterview nila.

Then last month nag usap ulit kami and they decided to go na sa highest package ko for my VA services. They signed a contract and paid me in full for 2 months work!!😳😳😳

Imagine wala pang output, paid in full na agad.🤯🤯 I was like possible naman pala talaga. Sana last year ko pa sineryoso to.

Rich Verzosa

A USD 3,000 Contract With Monthly Retainer

“First lead, first call, first CLIENT!

I started out last January feeling lost…

Complete with the semi-existential crisis kasi biglang di na ko sigurado kung may pag-asa ba ako mag-succeed sa freelancing.

What got me out of the slump was trusting the process.

PS. I closed a 3000 USD contract with monthly retainer offering bookkeeping, di pa Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor but we’ll get there 🙂

Jezel Acuesta | The Freelance Movement
Jezel Acuesta

Myth #3: You Need to Know “Everything” Before You Start

Do you really need to know “everything” before you start?

Think about it… ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍

Every second, someone gets hired for a position they barely know anything about until they get there. ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍

Remember your first ever job? ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍

You hardly know what your duties are yet you go in there, first day at work, trying to force yourself to learn everything on the fly. ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍

Got promoted? ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍

You don’t have a 100% grasp of your new responsibilities yet you try and look the part anyway as if you really know what you’re doing (lol!)

Yet for some reason, it seems like a foreign concept when applied to freelancing.

Bakit? ‍‍‍‍‍‍

‍‍‍‍‍‍Because we (especially the ones starting out) think we have to be 100% ready and prepared before we even make a single move.

Yet all our life we have been doing things na wala naman talaga tayong alam — natutunan na lang.

Naaalala ko pa nung unang beses akong maging tatay…

I had to learn everything on the job since wala namang kasamang manuals ang baby kapag lumabas.

(Dapat talaga meron. lol!)

So bakit ka kakabahan pagdating sa freelancing when a human life is much more important than a client project yet we learn being a parent on the fly?

Doesn’t make sense, di ba?

And in my honest opinion and the way it has been for my students…

Freelancing is LEARNING BY DOING.

My First Proposal And Iba Yung Feeling

“Below is my first proposal na case study, I already sent this to the client and am still waiting for feedback.

Tsaka grateful kay God for leading me into this opportunity, for the past 5 years, ngayon ko lang po ulit naramdaman the feeling of having a purpose. It’s true po, learning a skill while doing it for another person na you can provide help is just on another level. Ngayon lang po nag sink in.

Again, thank you TRIBE! To more wins 🔥”

Arami Vosotros | The Freelance Movement
Arami Vosotros

Closed A Deal And Received My Upfront Payment

“Sharing my first ever major #win! 🙌

Closed a deal with a $695 monthly retainer + 10% commissions! AND received my upfront payment of $1,499 wooh inuman naaaa

...Now what's next??? Learning by Doing.

Action. Focus. Feedback. Routine. Grit. Repeat.

++++ May isang mainit-init na prospect with a $1,000 budget who wants to do a one-month trial. Abangan sa susunod na #win post 🍀”

Irish Ann | The Freelance Movement
Irish Ann

They Both Said Yes And Gave Me 35K

“I just wanted to help out and learn at the same time.

...they both said yes. Pero twist of this story, they still wanted to pay me despite my disclaimer na it's free.

Combining what they gave me it is still 35k 🤯😱

Takeaways ko sa win na to: Wala pa rin ako specific market and skill but I had to do something, so I just did. I just had to start somewhere.

Ma Luisa Hilario | The Freelance Movement
Ma Luisa Hilario

Let me just be clear…

None of my students did anything groundbreaking. They didn’t invent a new system or process. Nor did they learn something extraordinary.

And based on literally hundreds (if not thousands) of students’ success stories, what we’ve found is that…

They just know HOW to follow detailed directions of what to do, what to type, and where to go online to build their ideal freelancing business.

In fact, one of the earliest programs I came out with for freelancers has continued to generate dozens upon dozens of success stories until today.

And since then, the principles, strategies, and secrets in it have created freelancers who make more than just 6-figures a month…

Some have agencies of their own…

And some are now household names in their respective markets.

What did they do?

How did they do it?

Let me get straight to the point.


Getting clients is simple.

(Not easy but definitely simple)

It’s not mad science.

In fact, we only have…

Three simple steps in getting freelancing clients to work with

STEP 1: Identify a specific market we want to help and work with

STEP 2: Find out how we can help them

STEP 3: Get in front of as many prospects as possible and tell them how we can help them

Simple, right?

And if you can follow those 3 STEPS, you can take yourself to market with reasonable assurance that you will have a freelance service that clients would want to hire you for.

Now, you’re probably thinking…

“There’s gotta be more to it than that…”

The truth?

That’s all there really is to it.

In fact, if you already know (and do) those three steps by heart… you can close this page right now.

I’m serious.

Because there’s a good chance you’re already doing well getting prospects and clients on your own and you don’t need my help.


Most freelancers don’t even know how to do STEP 1 let alone all three…

Many also don’t know how to increase the value of their services so they can make more money while working fewer hours.

In fact, many are still stuck with choosing a skill, asking questions like these in my inbox everyday:

“Anong skill po pwede sa newbie?”

“Call center lang po alam ko.”

“Mas maganda po ba FB ads kesa sa copywriting?”

And so on, and so forth.

Which is why we created…

The Premium Freelancer Launchpad

So what is the Premium Freelancer Launchpad?

We’ve literally assembled the only three things you need most to get started with your freelancing business.

Inside you’ll discover…

  • The Big Picture — Discover what an ideal freelance business is, what it takes to make one crisis-proof and how you can easily create one for yourself…
  • What differentiates struggling freelancers and in-demand freelancers (and what you can do to become the latter…)
  • If you’re not crystal clear on these 3 things, you decrease your chances of connecting with the RIGHT clients…
  • Unusual (yet really effective) client generating strategies ‘freelancing gurus’ never, ever tell you about…
  • The 2 things you need to do BEFORE you start reaching out to prospective clients. Skip this and put precious time and effort to waste…
  • What to do if you have absolutely ZERO experience freelancing…
  • If you’ve only got 6 hours per week to stay fully booked for the next 3-6 months, here’s what you should do…
  • The only goals you should care about when it comes to your freelance business (and how you can make sure you hit them every single time…)
  • And much, much more…

Okay, So How Does This Work?

Let us give you a sneak peek of what you’ll get when you take advantage of this.

I do hope it gives you a clear idea of what to expect (at para mas maging excited ka about how this could drastically change your life and business…)

You’re Getting a 30-DAY Client Getting Blueprint

It contains 30 solid days of proven strategies, hacks, and daily tasks to get in front of your prospective freelancing clients.

Because like I said…

When it comes to choosing the right business to start, hindi biro mag invest ng time, money at effort.

So if you can get a client in 30 days or less, hindi ba mas maganda?

Now you’re probably thinking…
“Di nga, how soon can we expect to get results from what you teach?”
I would almost always say…
“Probably around 90 days to get good results. Some who do take action are able to do it in less than 30.”
Until somebody proved me wrong and got clients as soon as the 4th day.
Err… okay…
So now, whenever I get asked how soon can someone get results from the things I teach, you’ve probably heard me say…
“I believe 90 days would be enough to get results. We do have special cases where people have gotten results in less than 30 days and some in just 4 days.”
And just when I thought to save that script…
Someone went and proved me wrong — AGAIN.
Less than 2 days na lang pala. 😅

How did this happen?


We simply tell them step-by-step WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHERE to go online to build their ideal freelancing business.

And if you follow the detailed directions every single day for 30 days straight and commit 100% to the process – you can expect to get results like these…

You see, most freelancers here in the Philippines think they can only get clients on platforms like Upwork, OLJ, Freeup etc.

And while we have nothing against freelancing platforms…

It encourages the behavior of simply ‘waiting’ for a client to arrive and notice them. Yung iba, nag-aantay na swertehin.

I don’t know but I don’t want a business na ang chances kong manalo ay parang Lotto. What we want for you is a business that’s 100% in your control regardless of ‘luck’.

Next, you’re Getting 90-Days Access to Skilz

Once you already know how to get clients using the 30-day approach, the last thing we want to happen is to see you freeze and lose the client because you’re not exactly sure how to deliver value or results.

Which is why you’re also getting access to a digital course library with over 30+ freelancing courses where you can master the most in-demand career and business skills as quickly as possible. They’re ridiculously easy even an eleven-year-old can follow.

That’s because every course instructor was carefully vetted and selected.

In fact, here’s our process for getting experts on board to teach at Skilz…

STEP 1: They apply to work with us

From the hundreds of applicants, only 1 out of 5 of them make the cut.

STEP 2: They submit 3 case studies

Now those who passed STEP 1 are asked to submit at least 3 case studies to proceed. These case studies show the BEFORE and AFTER and the positive changes and impact their skill has had on their client’s business.

STEP 3: Course production begins

Next, they work with our Skilz Course Director to figure out the fastest outcome or result they can teach in their course. We only accept their course outline if we see that it’s easy to learn and implement. After all, di naman kasi lahat ng mag-aaral may experience so we want to make it easy to understand kahit newbie pa lang. Only then can the course creator start recording or filming the course lessons.

STEP 4: Quality check

We have two people reviewing every module of every course each week to make sure that every single minute of the course is up to standard, such that each course is worth at least PHP 10,000 when sold individually.

STEP 5: We release the course and monitor feedback.

Every feedback or suggestion is taken seriously and considered. And based on feedback, a weekly update is released to ensure timeliness and quality on our courses.

So as you can see, not just anyone can teach inside Skilz.

Anyone, however, can learn the skills taught inside.

Here’s a bunch of them who did just that:

And you’re getting 90-days access so you can deliver results to your would-be client.

But that’s not all…

You’re Also Getting Our Exclusive Training on "How To Charge Premium Rates For Any Service Using The Revenue Line"

As awesome as it is to get a client and having a skill to deliver results… wouldn’t it be more awesome to be able to charge premium fees like this?

You see, most freelancers experience the EXACT opposite.

They get stuck with low hourly rates…

They undercharge their services…

Or they get prospects who haggle and question their fees.

And so what happens is these freelancers tell themselves they need to learn another skill, or their skill isn’t enough…

That if they learn another one and would have a handful of skills to offer prospects, maybe they’ll be able to charge premium…

Sometimes, they tell themselves it’s because they lack experience.

That because they’re newbies, it’s “okay” or even a “must” that they start with low fees.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Because as these people have shown, their ability to charge premium fees has nothing to do with their skill or experience… but something else.

And to help you INCREASE the value of your services so you can start earning more while working less…

You’re getting a copy of this exclusive training.

Because let’s face it.

Who doesn’t want to receive premium fees?

If you’re already a freelancer, chances are you’ve seen other freelancers offering the same skill and service as you do… yet they’re easily charging up to 10X more.

Tapos ikaw, binabaan mo na nga yung presyo mo para mapa – “oo!” yung client pero di pa rin tinanggap. 😭

Bakit? What are they doing differently?

Actually, wala naman.

Baka nga mas magaling ka pa. .

The only thing they know better than you is how to tell clients about what you do that they’d automatically assume that you’re charging a premium.

This training does exactly that.

We want to make it easy for you to sell your service, so you’re getting access to an EXCLUSIVE 2 ½-hr training that others have paid more than PHP 25,000 to gain access to.

Just follow the process and you’ll be able to close premium projects like Yuri…

And make selling easy just like Niel…

Now how will this work?

I’m glad you asked.

And here’s what I suggest you do…

Start Day 1 of the 30-Day Client-Getting Blueprint and choose your market.

Day 2, pick ONE skill to learn inside Skilz. Spend the next few days learning that skill.

Day 3, watch “How To Charge Premium Rates For Any Service Using The Revenue Line” Training so you know how to position your skill as you go along and finish the 30-Day program.

Then Day 4, resume the 30-Day program.

That’s it.

And If You Get The Launchpad Today, You’ll Also Get Access To These Bonuses…

Bonus #1: 14 Masterclass Trainings From The Philippine’s Best and Brightest + E-commerce Email Training (₱15,000 Value)

Remember that one of the issues freelancers have is the whole “I don’t have any skills yet…” dilemma?

Now before we came out with Skilz…

I asked 14 freelancers and business owners to share their best training programs to solve exactly that. And to my surprise, all of them said ‘YES.’

Almost every freelance skill you could ever imagine is covered. You’ll get to learn the ins and outs of email marketing, SEO Best Practices, how to build a VA agency, and so much more.

Plus — A 4-hour training on writing emails for e-commerce clients which past students have gone on and got some amazing results already.

And again… you’re getting this ₱15,000-bonus for FREE.

Bonus #2: Upwork Hacks (₱3,500 Value)

How do you get premium clients on a site where the average hourly rate is $3-5 an hour?

You’ve showcased your skills…

You’ve put a professional looking photo…

You’ve personalized your proposals…

You did everything that UpWork told you to do.

Pero wala….

So if you’re on Upwork and having a hard time getting clients…

You’re getting 4 proven Upwork hacks to increase your chances of getting premium clients.

Bonus #3: Limiting Beliefs Webinar (₱5,000 Value)

I know, it’s not a ‘sexy’ topic to talk about compared to…

“X Ways To Get Clients”


“How To Be A Millionaire In 30 Days”

But believe it or not, this is arguably the most watched training I’ve done…

You see, a lot of people underestimate how much their belief plays a crucial role in their success — freelancing or not.

So if you find yourself saying things like…

“Ang hirap magka-client”

“Hirap mag-charge ng premium”

“What if mag-fail ako?”

This training is for you so you can…

Find out what beliefs are stopping you.

Reflect on it.

Correct it or get rid of it.

And start the journey again.

Because when you do…

I know things will work out for you just like these guys…

Bonus #4: Passive Freelance Income Training (₱5,000 Value)

I once earned $17,199 for an hour of work.

Seems impossible for most people.

But what if I told you that you can do the same or even better?

Because to be honest, that’s not even the highest I’ve gotten from an hour working…

You see, each client transaction contains “opportunity points” that are completely invisible to most people.

Almost nobody realizes that sometime in the next hour, a $17,199 per hour opportunity is going to arrive, then slip by unnoticed.

So if you’re itching to find out how I did it…

This training will reveal to you how to earn passive income month in and month out while barely lifting a finger.

The REAL intention behind this program is to provide a different brand of freelancing…

…where one does not need credentials, portfolio, or experience to work with their ideal clients.
A way where every Filipino freelancer (regardless of their background — high school grad man o walang pinag-aralan) will have a fighting chance to have the business and lifestyle of their dreams.
Freelancers who are in control of their CLIENTS, their TIME, and their FEES…
Freelancers who, by their own, can create a ripple effect within the local freelancing industry simply through their actions and results.
We dream of a world where ‘freelancing’ would soon be mentioned under the same breath and reverence as a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer.
Wouldn’t it be awesome to say you’re part of a movement that changed the course of local freelancing 5 to 10 years from now?

“So… How Much Does This All Cost?”

Well, let’s see…

You’re getting the 30-Day Client-Getting Blueprint with a real world value of ₱1,500…

90-Days access to Skilz with a real world value of ₱1,200…

And our exclusive training on “How To Charge Premium Rates For Any Service Using The Revenue Line” with a real world value of ₱5,000…

PLUS these bonuses…

The Masterclass Trainings by itself is already worth more than ₱15,000.

In fact, if you look at courses in the U.S. teaching not even half of what we are inside the program are charging from $500 up to $2,000.

Add to that, you’re getting access to “scripts and templates” you can use on Upwork (worth ₱3,500)…

Plus — our most popular paid training, The Limiting Beliefs Webinar (worth ₱5,000)

We could literally charge more than ₱100,000 for this and it’d still be worth every centavo.

But you don’t need to pay even close to that — or even half of that.

Not even a quarter.

In fact…

Due to what’s happening now, we know people need this program more than ever.

So right now…

You’ll get everything inside The Premium Freelancer Launchpad…


  • 30-Day Client Getting Blueprint
  • Skilz Access (90 Days)
  • Revenue Line Training (How To Charge Premium Rates For Any Service)
  • Upwork Hacks
  • Limiting Beliefs Webinar
  • [BONUS] 14 Masterclass Trainings
  • [BONUS] Passive Freelance Income Training
  • [BONUS] Prospecting Training (Fastest Way To Generate Interest For Your Service)
  • [BONUS] Red Flags Training (What Types Of Clients To Avoid)


  • 30-Day Client Getting Blueprint
  • Skilz Access (90 Days)
  • Revenue Line Training (How To Charge Premium Rates For Any Service)
  • Upwork Hacks
  • Limiting Beliefs Webinar
  • [BONUS] 14 Masterclass Trainings
  • [BONUS] Passive Freelance Income Training
  • [BONUS] Prospecting Training (Fastest Way To Generate Interest For Your Service)
  • [BONUS] Red Flags Training (What Types Of Clients To Avoid)

… for ONLY…

Choose Your Option


₱ 1,495


₱ 1,695

₱ 897

Grab Special Offer Available until Sunday, Nov 13th, 11:59pm

Now, imagine…

You’re now doing freelancing for a living.

You’re at your favorite beach with your family or friends on a weekday so wala masyadong tao. Hindi crowded. You have all the time in the world…

Maybe you only work Mondays like I do.

Maybe kumikita ka kahit wala sa harap ng computer or kahit na tulog pa…

You’re living your dream lifestyle without worrying about the 15th or 30th, or how you’re going to get money when you need it…

And the only thing you’re doing is serving your ideal clients while getting paid handsomely for it.

Now how would that impact you as a person and the lives of those you care about?

And how much would that kind of lifestyle be worth to you?

Now say you only achieved 10% of your income goal, and all you got is one client for the full year.

Suppose you’re selling a $500 service…

That means you would have already 10X your investment even if you chose the special option.

That’s just ONE measly client at a pretty conservative fee.

And if you continue to implement the principles, strategies, and secrets long after the 30-day plan is over, there’s a good chance you’ll get not just one but multiple clients each month.

And If You Choose To Take Advantage Of This Opportunity, Here’s What Happens Next...

Once you click on the button, you’ll be redirected to a secure payment checkout.

You’ll be asked to fill-in your email address and pay via PayPal, credit card or bank transfers.

Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll get…


  • 30-Day Client Getting Blueprint
  • Skilz Access (90 Days)
  • Revenue Line Training (How To Charge Premium Rates For Any Service)
  • Upwork Hacks
  • Limiting Beliefs Webinar
  • [BONUS] 14 Masterclass Trainings
  • [BONUS] Passive Freelance Income Training
  • [BONUS] Prospecting Training (Fastest Way To Generate Interest For Your Service)
  • [BONUS] Red Flags Training (What Types Of Clients To Avoid)


  • 30-Day Client Getting Blueprint
  • Skilz Access (90 Days)
  • Revenue Line Training (How To Charge Premium Rates For Any Service)
  • Upwork Hacks
  • Limiting Beliefs Webinar
  • [BONUS] 14 Masterclass Trainings
  • [BONUS] Passive Freelance Income Training
  • [BONUS] Prospecting Training (Fastest Way To Generate Interest For Your Service)
  • [BONUS] Red Flags Training (What Types Of Clients To Avoid)

… for ONLY…

Choose Your Option


₱ 1,495


₱ 1,695

₱ 897

Grab Special Offer Available until Sunday, Nov 13th, 11:59pm

Now, I’m not exactly sure what your motivation will be for getting this.

Maybe you just want to have the peace of mind and not be worried about where you’re going to get a client to pay for next month’s bills.

Or maybe you’re an overachiever and you want to get as many clients as you want as you scale your freelance business to the moon…

It’s your choice.

You already know it’s possible.

You’ve seen it happen for our members.

You saw how ordinary people are now living extraordinary lives using that very same strategies which you’re about to discover inside this program.

Now it’s time for a decision.

The way I see it, you have three options.


If you’re already content with the lifestyle you have now…

If you didn’t have to worry about the global crisis that’s happening…

If your income is already ‘enough’ to give you the life you want…

Then maybe you don’t need this launchpad.

Maybe you love your job. You have your insurance. Your emergency budget is filled to the brim. And you can pretty much travel whenever and wherever you want to.

Maybe you have everything you need covered and I respect that.


You can try to consume all the free information online today…

Spend years learning, experimenting, and tweaking your approach…

And maybe a year or two from now you’ll land a client who would pay you a fortune.

If you’re willing to work hard, brush off failures like it’s nothing, then maybe someday you could pull it off.

And while there’s no guarantee it’ll work, you could take comfort on the fact that you didn’t have to spend a cent — only years of trial and error.


I will show you what you need to know about freelancing that gets massive results…

… Everything about getting the right clients…

… Everything about setting yourself up for success in this kind of business and the pitfalls you must learn to avoid.

All you need to do is apply the A-Z blueprint that will be laid out for you in this launchpad.


Close deals.

Get paid.

And probably do it all within the next 30 days.

Of these three options, ask yourself…

What’s going to be easier for you?

You see, there are two types of people in this world…

Those who only desire to live their dream lifestyle without ever taking any action to make it happen…

And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

Most people would tell you they want to become a success.

But we both know very few actually make it happen.

It’s a natural law of life.

The classic tale of the willful and the wishful.

Most people will keep dreaming…

While the few who are actually serious about their goals will take action.

Since you’ve read this far, I think you’re one of the special ones…

One of the new freelance success stories.

If I’m right, and you’re still with me…

The door has already been unlocked for you. All you have to do is walk through it.

Only you can decide. So decide now.

Rooting for you,
JohnSee you on the insidePagulayan

Need Help Ordering or Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the course please contact us: contact@thefreelancemovement.com

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

This program is meant to help anyone doing freelancing online or anyone who wants to start doing it. If you are already fully booked and you have no problems getting clients and inquiries about your services, then this is not for you.

This program focuses on getting you in front of prospects (possibly clients) even if you don’t have the experience, credentials, or portfolio. We also included a training on “How To Charge Premium Rates For Any Service Using The Revenue Line” to help you increase the value of your services, and a 90-days access to Skilz in case you’ve yet to have a skill.

Yes! All of the content is inside of a members area and ready to go the second you enroll. You will get Instant Access as soon as you complete your purchase.

Definitely! Not only are you going to be part of, be able to network with and learn from your fellow freelancers in a private Facebook community… you’ll also be guided by Tribe members for the whole 30 days so you can get results fast

Well, that part’s easy.

Once you click on the button, you’ll be redirected to a secure payment checkout.

You’ll be asked to fill-in your email address and pay via PayPal, credit card or bank transfers.

Yes, you can! Simply choose the ‘Bank Transfer’ option then choose ‘UnionBank’ and input the payment details you’ll see on the checkout page.

Make sure to secure a screenshot once the payment has been made and upload it along with your email address upon checkout.

That’s it.

EVERYTHING You Need When You Get The Premium Freelancer Launchpad


  • 30-Day Client Getting Blueprint
  • Skilz Access (90 Days)
  • Revenue Line Training (How To Charge Premium Rates For Any Service)
  • Upwork Hacks
  • Limiting Beliefs Webinar
  • [BONUS] 14 Masterclass Trainings
  • [BONUS] Passive Freelance Income Training
  • [BONUS] Prospecting Training (Fastest Way To Generate Interest For Your Service)
  • [BONUS] Red Flags Training (What Types Of Clients To Avoid)


  • 30-Day Client Getting Blueprint
  • Skilz Access (90 Days)
  • Revenue Line Training (How To Charge Premium Rates For Any Service)
  • Upwork Hacks
  • Limiting Beliefs Webinar
  • [BONUS] 14 Masterclass Trainings
  • [BONUS] Passive Freelance Income Training
  • [BONUS] Prospecting Training (Fastest Way To Generate Interest For Your Service)
  • [BONUS] Red Flags Training (What Types Of Clients To Avoid)

… for ONLY…

Choose Your Option


₱ 1,495


₱ 1,695

₱ 897

Grab Special Offer Available until Sunday, Nov 13th, 11:59pm