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Want to make your clients happy working with you?

As you read this letter, you’ll discover…

How To Give Your Client Guaranteed Results Even If You Have Zero Experience

Dear Freelancer,

Today, I’m going to share a harsh truth about freelancing.

Once you understand this, you could easily double or triple your income without putting in more time or work.

The harsh truth?

No matter how many client generating tactics you apply nor how many strategies you use for signing up premium clients…

Your freelancing career will not take off unless you give results to your clients.

Now before you say…

“Teka John, newbie pa lang ako”

“Wala pa akong skill”

“Hindi pa ako marunong mag-freelancing”


You’re only as good as your client lets you be.

And that’s the thing, most freelancers don’t know how to CHOOSE their clients.

Most are happy to work with ANY client who comes their way.

They don’t bother knowing whether they have a real chance of making their client happy and the project a success – as long as they’re paid, it’s end of story.

To illustrate my point, meet Patricia, one of our students who was getting on sales calls every week.

From working with just anyone who was interested in working with her to having an in-take form…

And it’s not just her.

Others have started CHOOSING their clients and are better off because of it.

Check these out…

Here’s Errol who’s now charging $4,000 per landing page…

Or Luna who doubled her rates for the same amount of work…

And Tish who bounced back and closed the kind of deals freelancers only dream about…

Now, you’re probably wondering…

How Are These Freelancers Choosing Their Clients With Remarkable Success?

It’s simple.

They filter.

They research.

They qualify.

You already know smart freelancers don’t just work with anyone who comes their way – they get clients and projects they have a chance at making a success.

You see, contrary to how most freelancing engagements are made, WE ARE THE ONES in control.

Even when the client wants to work with us, we have the power to say “Yes” or “No.”

Ultimately, when you exercise your power to choose your clients, you set yourself up for SUCCESS.

So let me ask you…

How good would it feel to be able to work with clients you know you can help?

How awesome would it be to know you can give guaranteed results to your clients?

How cool would it be to work with clients that are already 90% there and just need little push on your part — the remaining 10%?

I’m asking because on April 1st-2nd, we’ll be holding the Generating Client Results Bootcamp.

Generating Client Results Bootcamp

For 2 days, we’ll share tips, strategies, and hacks that’ll help you find the right clients whom you can provide guaranteed results.

Here’s what we’ll cover inside the 2-day Bootcamp

Section 1

The Mindset That’ll Make The Difference

Before we get into the nitty gritty of choosing the right clients, we will first discuss the right mindset one should be in as a freelancer…

Especially on WHY you should be choosing your clients in the first place.

We’ll explore how it can make a huge difference both in your business and personal life.

Through real-life examples…

You’ll discover how freelancers are able to almost always guarantee positive results that lead to happier clients.

PLUS, you’ll see how it can help YOU find your dream clients faster, avoid burnout, and enjoy running your business more.

Just like Harrah who found her dream client…

And Niña who closed $2,594 with a shift in her mindset…

And Abbie who flipped the equation and asked her client to apply instead…

Section 2

Hanging Out With Your Target Market

Next, we’ll talk about an equally important topic.

We know some of you may feel discouraged and think that it’s already hard enough to find clients…

Let alone qualify them.

You see, one of the main reasons why freelancers aren’t able to get clients is because they don’t know where to look.

Nasa Facebook ba like kay Divine?

LinkedIn like kay April?

Brick and mortar like kay Janna?

Networking events like kay Glady?

Every market is different, which is why we’ll be dedicating a whole session for this.

We’ll differentiate what it would mean if a market is searchable or reachable, and answer common questions like…

“San ba dapat maghanap bukod sa OLJ?”

“Lahat ba ng platform dapat?”

“Paano po ba maghanap pag hindi sa Upwork?”

…and even show you an actual, LIVE demonstration on how to look for clients online.


Imagine waking up knowing what to do and where to go to get your next client. ‍‍‍‍

How much stress will it remove off your shoulders?

‍‍‍‍‍That’s what CLARITY feels like. ‍‍‍‍

Not to mention the amount of time you save looking for prospects brought about by a narrowed FOCUS.

I think any normal freelancer would want that.

Which brings me to the next session…

Section 3

Your List Of Qualifiers For Success

Remember when I said smart freelancers don’t just work with anyone who comes their way?

This is because they qualify.

Now what’s qualifying?

Sa madaling salita, they assess prospects on several criteria of THEIR choosing bago nila kunin as a client.

(Aka, they have their own negotiables and non-negotiables)

That’s right.

They choose the criteria.

Whether that’s based on the business opportunity…

Years in business…



Decision-making process…

Relationship status (lol!)…

At marami pang iba.

And that’s the thing.

The qualifiers are based on YOU and what you think would help you generate client results.

So in this part of the session, we’re going to help you come up with your OWN list of that.

Section 4

Discovering Assets

Now that we know the mindset we should have…

We know where our market is hanging out…

And we’ve got our list of qualifiers to determine if our prospect is a fit for us or not…

The next step is to put these qualifiers in action.



We’ll use them in the form of a set of questions or checklists that audits your prospects prior to any Discovery Calls.

So ideally, one or two things will happen here:

Either they DON’T meet our qualifications and you simply offer a referral, like what Jana did…


They have what you need and the next step is to get them on a call, like what Conrado did…

In which case, we’ll also have discussions and samples on how to get your prospects on a call.

That’s the secret sauce really…

To get familiar with using and sticking with your qualifiers that will help you make the work you do even more effective.

Because by determining if YOU can help a potential client beforehand, it’s not only going to save you time and make it easy to give your clients results…

It also makes you confident about your service and how much you charge.

Doesn’t it feel better knowing there’s no way you could fail your client? 😉

Finally, we’ll wrap things up in…

Section 5

Generating Client Results

Finally this is where the rubber meets the road.

For this session, you’ll discover how you to actually qualify your clients DURING a discovery call.

You see, getting your clients results isn’t entirely dependent on your skill as a freelancer.

As you’ll learn in this bootcamp, most of the time it’s because the clients we choose doesn’t allow us to do our best work possible.

So for this session, we’ll go over a different way of qualifying your prospects on a call…

And how doing so can help you decide on the spot whether a prospect can potentially turn into a client or not yet.

Some even use this to close clients ON the call.

Imagine how that could make your life as a freelancer easier – EVEN IF you’re just starting out.

And if you register for the Generating Client Results Bootcamp, you’ll be getting this BONUS:


“How To Charge Premium Rates For Any Service Using The Revenue Line” Video Training (₱5,000 Value)

You see, most freelancers get stuck with low hourly rates…

They undercharge their services…

Or they get prospects who haggle and question their fees.

And so what happens is these freelancers tell themselves they need to learn another skill, or their skill isn’t enough…

That if they learn another one and would have a handful of skills to offer prospects, maybe they’ll be able to charge premium…

Sometimes, they tell themselves it’s because they lack experience.

That because they’re newbies, it’s “okay” or even a “must” that they start with low fees.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Because as these people have shown, their ability to charge premium fees has nothing to do with their skill or experience… but something else.

And to help you INCREASE the value of your services so you can start earning more while working less…

You’re getting a copy of this exclusive training.

Because let’s face it.

Who doesn’t want to receive premium fees?

If you’re already a freelancer, chances are you’ve seen other freelancers offering the same skill and service as you do… yet they’re easily charging up to 10X more.

Tapos ikaw, binabaan mo na nga yung presyo mo para mapa – “oo!” yung client pero di pa rin tinanggap. 😭

Bakit? What are they doing differently?

Actually, wala naman.

Baka nga mas magaling ka pa…

The only thing they know better than you is how to tell clients about what you do that they’d automatically assume that you’re charging a premium.

This training does exactly that.

We want to make it easy for you to sell your service, so you’re getting access to an EXCLUSIVE 2 ½-hr training that others have paid more than PHP 25,000 to gain access to.

Now that’s not all

I’m a big believer in rewarding people who take action.

So for the first 25 people who’ll get their Bootcamp tickets…

You’ll get a digital copy of Secret Files #1 titled: “The Pricing Voodoo You Should Never Tell Anyone”

It includes a simple yet effective sales psychology you can use RIGHT NOW to figure out the highest fee a client can afford, enabling you to charge double (or even triple) your fees…

PLUS another way to add $1k or $2k to your income especially if your prospect has no budget.

I’m pretty sure na dito pa lang, bawi na puyat mo.

Just ask Charlene who used this particular “Secret File” to charge $1,000 for a simple chat sequence…

Or Sergio who literally doubled his fees on the first try…

And you stand to gain access to the same document they used if you’re one of the first 25 to join us for the Generating Client Results Bootcamp.

So… How Much Is A Bootcamp Ticket?

Well, let’s see…

We have 5 sessions spread out across 2 days led by some of the best freelancers in the country whose hourly consulting fees are in the thousands…

(Mine alone costs upwards of $375/hour)

Then there’s the Revenue Line Training (How to Charge Premium Rates For Any Service) which has a ₱5,000 value…

The Fill-In-The-Blank Worksheets which should help you understand and retain what we’ll be showing you better…

Not to mention your fast action bonus…

Secret Files #1: “The Pricing Voodoo You Should Never Tell Anyone” for the first 25 people who will join.

Now, based on the results all these have generated for our students…

We could literally charge more than ₱100,000 for this and it’d still be worth every centavo.

But you don’t need to pay even close to that — or even half of that.

Not even a quarter.

In fact, you can grab your Bootcamp tickets right now for only…

Generating Client Results Bootcamp

2-Day Bootcamp Sessions

(Valued at ₱5,000)

Fill-In-The-Blank Worksheets

(Valued at ₱5,000)

Revenue Line Training

(Valued at ₱5,000)

Total Original Value:


Bootcamp Ticket


Now, I’m not exactly sure what your motivation will be for joining us on April 1st to 2nd.

Maybe you just want to work with better clients…

Or maybe you’re an overachiever and you want to get all your dream clients…

It’s your choice.

You already know it’s possible.

You’ve seen it happen for our members.

You saw how ordinary freelancers are better off simply by choosing the right clients.

The only question is…

Will you be joining us?

Decide now.

Rooting for you,
John “Choosy” Pagulayan