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How A Young Mom Earned ₱205,000 Using A 30-Day Client-Getting Blueprint

Since the pandemic hit, we’ve seen unexpected change.

Businesses shut down.

Employees lost their jobs.

Families and individuals tested.

And while some days are a struggle, some are better than others.

In the end, it’s how quickly we adapt and shift to the lessons life is teaching us that moves us forward. 

Because the thing is…

We won’t emerge as WINNERS if we don’t do anything about where we are.

We have to do something…

We have to start somewhere…

And we have to do the work…

Because action breeds clarity.

And that’s how a young mom closed 4 new clients in as little as 30 days… by simply following and implementing a proven and tested blueprint.

Read on to find out more how she did it, even if she’s a full-time mom of two wonderful kids.

Nica Soriano Featured Image

Meet Nica.

A wife and mom to 2 kids, Newell, 7, and Nicaylle, 2.

Now unlike most freelancers…

She was introduced to the idea of freelancing or working from home early on.

When she was in college, her friend shared, “Alam mo ba kumita ako ng $20 so meron na tayong pangbili ng props para sa project natin.”

Nica asked her friend about it.

And right after school, she headed to the nearest computer shop and browsed online to learn more about freelancing.

She realized it truly is possible to earn from home.

On her first job, she was hired to write 4 blogs for Php 400.

She was so happy since it was the first time she earned her own money.

And that experience led her to the next opportunity.

Because after graduating from college, she started working as a script writer for a local radio station.

Everything went smoothly as planned until that day…

She found out she was pregnant.

It had only been 2 months since she started working, but she resigned because of a sensitive pregnancy.

Nica decided to focus all her time and energy on her baby.

That’s when she turned her attention again to freelancing.

At first, her ‘gig’ as a social media graphic designer was on and off.

“Hindi talaga siya consistent,” Nica says.

And while she tried to get her freelancing business off the ground, another event happened, one that changed her life in ways she didn’t expect.

“After ko manganak, kulang talaga kami sa pambayad ng mga bills. Kailangan kong humanap ng means to earn kasi gusto ko tumulong sa asawa ko.”

Bills were piling up.

Plus, Nica was left to provide for her parents after her brother passed away last 2017.

She really needed to work.

So she started searching for jobs.

Except most clients were looking for experience, credentials, or a portfolio — things she didn’t have.

Some clients even questioned her skills because she wasn’t a social media expert.

Nica doubted her confidence.

“Minsan nakaka-discouraged kasi, ang dami dami mong pinagpapasahan applications tapos wala talagang response.”

She doubted whether she could do it.

And while she had her fair share of rejections…

Nica persisted.

She continued looking for jobs and applied.

And soon enough, she landed a role as a social media manager.

“Social Media Manager na overworked. I worked 65 hours per week.”

It wasn’t the way she envisioned her life to be.

“Sa totoo lang dapat 40 hours per week lang di ba? Okay lang naman sa akin yun kasi mabait talaga yung mga mga unang nagtiwala sa akin na foreign clients.

Kumbaga sabi nila, “I am willing to teach you.” Ganun. Wala rin naman talaga akong alam sa social media that time. I know how to edit pero mga simple edits lang. Parang kumbaga you’re learning in the process. 

Mas gusto mo makapagbigay ng value, nag-aaral din ako ng mga courses na hindi ko naman natatapos.”

One client asked her to edit 100+ graphics for a rate of…

Three. Thousand. Pesos. Only.

Nica thought it was a way to give value to her client.

But the thing was…

It took time away from her children — the very reason why she wanted to work from home.

Her health also suffered.

“Kapag ganun tayo kapagod mas yung mood natin naapektuhan, mas na-stress ka. Ganun at that time.”

She was overworked and underpaid.

It came to a point her kids got sick at the same time. Her son got pneumonia while her daughter got an ear infection.

Nica felt her hands were tied.

Even though she got help from her mother-in-law, it didn’t change the fact she was still working 12-13 hours per day.

“Hindi ko na nakikita mga bata. Though hands-on ako. Yun nga lang, I can do more for them sana. Kumbaga ma prevent sana yung ganun, kung nandyan talaga ako mas nakatutok.”

She juggled a difficult job while breastfeeding her year-old baby.

She knew she shouldn’t be focusing most of her time on work.

Nica admitted she even envied other freelancers who were earning more AND working less.

Freelancers who weren’t as exhausted as she was and had time for their family, friends, and hobbies.

Then one day, a friend told her about a speaker from a freelancing convention. Since her friend was also a freelancer, Nica got interested right away.

The speaker’s name was John Pagulayan.

Her friends said many good things about “this guy with a lot of tattoos.”

After Nica fetched her son from school, she went straight to her computer and typed his name.

When she saw his Facebook profile, she followed and read his posts for hours.

She picked up a lot of insights and strategies on his timeline that she didn’t find elsewhere.

That led her to join his free Facebook group, ‘The Freelance Movement Community’

The Freelance Movement Community is a group for newbie and experienced Filipino freelancers.

Inside, John shares how freelancers can get more clients and build their freelancing business the right way.‍‍‍

On top of that, members also have the opportunity to learn from freelancing experts as they share their stories, answer questions on AMAs, and mastermind with other top freelancers in the country.

Now Nica felt John had more to teach about freelancing, so when he held a birthday promotion selling his 30-Day Client-Getting Blueprint, she grabbed the opportunity.

At the time, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Yet she took the risk.

“Kumbaga kung susundin mo tong nasa Blueprint and religiously follow this, there can be a change in your situation. Siyempre na sold naman ako sa promise.”

It was the promise of becoming an in-demand, highly-paid freelancer even if you have no experience, skill, or portfolio.

Nica wanted the change so bad, she was moved by that promise.

She looked forward to the time when she wouldn’t have to work 12-13 hours per day…

And just get paid a few thousand pesos for it.

She didn’t want to deprive her children of her time and attention.

She wanted to end the struggle.

“I realized… life is hitting me hard, so I need to do something.”

That’s why when John offered the 30-Day Client-Getting Blueprint, Nica asked her husband if she could swipe his credit card to get her hands on it.

At that time, even the low fee was already a huge investment for her since they had a lot of bills to settle.

Their income was barely enough to survive their growing family.

And top of that…

“I can say sobrang challenge sa akin yung time management talaga at saka lack of confidence.”

Since the blueprint was called a ‘challenge’, Nica made the assumptions that the tasks each day would be very difficult.

“Can I really overcome the challenge?”

The thought ran in her mind.

Yet at the same time…

She knew if she didn’t follow the Blueprint religiously for the next 30 days, she’d lower her chances of achieving a result.

So Nica treated this as a “challenge”.

In the beginning of the program, she had a lot of worries.

For one, she was afraid to ask and approach prospects.

“I had an experience noong nagtanong ako. Tapos sinabihan ka, bakit tanong ka ng tanong. Yung fear na bakit ka nagtatanong. Di mo ba alam to find out para sa sarili mo? I am a very resourceful person pero there are times talaga na hindi ko talaga alam.”

But the 30-Day Client-Getting Blueprint taught her HOW to ask the right questions to the right people, as well as the right experts.

When asked what makes the 30-Day Client-Getting Blueprint different from the other courses out there…

“Siyempre sa mga course na enrollan ko before kumbaga hindi ko man siya natapos, ibang-iba sya when it comes doon sa orientation, then sa set up. Kumbaga everyday daily talaga na nagpapadala ng emails, ireremind ka na gagawin yung challenge.”

As part of the challenge, students are asked to choose a market they want to serve.

“Noong una iniisip ko ang hirap naman marami i-choose. Ano ba yan? Kaso noong binabalik-balikan ko yung guide, may worksheet di ba? Mas nakakatulong siya for me para makapag pinpoint kung ano ang pipiliin.”

The key here was to just choose.

As she had a number of different clients — from eCommerce retailers, consultants, and female brands — Nica had a hard time picking.

She had to choose and she had to do it fast or else…

She wouldn’t be able to proceed with the challenge the next day.

The Blueprint made it easier for her to choose.

“It’s hard because of shiny object syndrome. So you really need to fight back the urge.

And so I did.

I realized it’s possible to choose to serve just one market and help them.”

The best part?

She closed 4 premium clients

She earned 205,000 in the first month alone.

Here’s a rundown of these 4 clients.

Client #1

The first client she got came from an online freelancing platform. She optimized her profile inside the platform which got the client’s attention.

Nica Soriano - Optimized Profile

Her first client is an SEO consultant in Utah.

She was a content creator and social media graphic designer for his business.

For the initial project, she charged Php 45,000 for 3-hour work a day.

And more than the rate and the experience, Nica says she highly values her relationship with the client.

In fact, Nica’s is still with that client up until now. They started with small tasks then moved to bigger tasks after the initial project.

It was a win-win.

“He became my mentor na rin sa business. He is really helping me to build my own business dito sa Philippines. Yung partnership na natanggap ko dito sa first premium client ko up to now is iba.”

Tip: Building a relationship is key so clients love working with you. Most of the time, clients value relationships more than the skills you bring.

Client # 2

The second client came from Linkedin as a result of value posting.

Note: Value posting is a strategy where you post relevant content that helps your chosen market.

Nica Soriano - LinkedIn Post

The client is a branding consultant based in Florida.

“So ako naman pa-Google Google ako, so ganito pala mag value posting sa Canva. So nag value posting ako. Nagandahan si Brand Consultant, kasi about brand consultant yung post ko. She messaged me and the rest is history.”

She invited the brand consultant on a call. She was nervous because there were technical questions like questions about colors and branding.

She admitted that she wasn’t yet an expert on branding, but she’s willing to learn and be trained if there’s an opportunity.

Nica mentioned she was also in the process of acquiring her own team.

“Ang lakas ng loob ko. Sabi ko acquiring my own team kasi meron nga akong mga current clients, paano ko ito gagawin kung wala pa akong team. Di ba?”

The client trusted her and agreed to sign a 3-month contract at Php 40,000 per month.

Same with Client #1, Nica only worked 3 hours per day.

And up until now, the client hires Nica for a project time to time.

Tip: Learn to innovate and to try new things. Learn to take risks and be honest with your client.

Client # 3

The third client was found by accident.

They were in the mall.

Then, she saw an announcement that a local restaurant was looking for a graphic artist.

She saw the instructions on how to apply.

Nica sent her resume and her profile on the link provided on the poster.

That very night, the hiring manager called. They saw Nica’s enthusiasm and asked her to drop by the restaurant.

Now something unexpected happened.

After seeing Nica’s credentials and past achievements…

They asked her how she did that.

“Kumbaga credibility. Gusto nilang malaman kung ano pa ang kaya kong gawin for them. Instead, they got me into the project na maging marketing consultant nila. Dahil meron na nga akong (a little background) background sa social media.”

It turns out, the restaurant had no social media presence at all.

They were fairly new, only 5 months old.

Nica booked a 3-month project with them as their marketing consultant.

She quoted Php 50,000 but they negotiated, so they agreed to do Php 40,000 per month.

“That’s another leap of faith. Kaya ko ba to? Then, sabi ko, “why not!” Sinabi nila willing naman sila na sumugal and yun. It turned out na ganun yung pay. Di ko naman ine-expect kasi that’s actually local.”

For her, that’s another win:

Getting a local client at a premium rate.

Now to sweeten the deal, Nica offered a money-back guarantee if she wouldn’t be able to deliver results for the client.

She was open and honest to admit she was new to digital marketing. However, she made sure she’d do everything in her control to make it work.

Her honesty and willingness to help gave her an edge to win the client’s trust.

Tip: Clients don’t look for skills on the get-go. Great clients value attitude over skills.

Client # 4

The fourth client is a Print-on-Demand Shopify consultant in the US. He was a referral from a Facebook network.

She attributed her success in getting this client through the power of an optimized profile.

Nica Soriano - Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Since her profile is optimized, people in her network know what she does and how she can help clients.

“Una ni refer ako sa FB and then pumunta kami sa Linkedin. Kasi tiningnan niya ako sa Linkedin. Kumbaga nakita nya ako na, “I help consultants to show up more in creating compelling designs for them.” 

That’s why yun ang actually naging offer ko din. Profile optimization strategy and design. Kasi naranasan ko first hand na it really works”

She handled content creation and Instagram management.

She quoted Php 80,000 for the project.

Tip: Optimize all your social media profiles for your target clients to see. You’ll never know when they do a background check before talking to you.

When she asked her clients why they hired her, they mentioned that…

Aside from the fact that she’s credible to help them, her optimized profile stood out.

The relationship before, during, and after the engagement also left a strong impression.

Nica checked with them how she can do her job better and get the results they want.

She also asked them for feedback on how she can improve her work.

“Ang takeaway ko talaga is really taking a leap of faith. You may not know what’s on the other side pero you never know if hindi mo sya susubukan eh.”

Sometimes, the answer is just screaming right in front of you.

In Nica’s case, it was presented on a silver platter laced with proven-to-work strategies and a pinch of consistency and dedication.

But the thing is…

It requires you to take action, a leap of faith, and 100% trust the process.

The lessons inside the 30-Day Client-Getting Blueprint work as long as YOU believe you can complete the challenge.

Without execution, the Blueprint will be useless.

The results you want to achieve are in your hands.

“The clients will trust you pero nasasayo kung kaya mo siyang idedeliver, kung kaya mo siyang pangatawanan.”

Like how the Blueprint is designed…

Consistency is key if you want to succeed in freelancing.

Now Nica is ready to scale her freelancing business.

In fact, nowadays she’s busy with preparations so it runs even without her.

At this point, she’s happy to share her team can do the fulfillment side of the business.

“My team can do it without me. I took a vacation before one week na vacation. Sila lang yung gumagalaw. Tinest ko rin talaga yung sinabi ni JTL na malalaman mo if you build a good business if makakapagbakasyon ka. Gagalaw yan kahit wala ka.”

She’s on the right track with the right people.

She knows there’s so much else she can do to improve it.

The best part?

She can see her future clearly because of the guide and a community of like-minded people.

When asked “If you’re talking to someone who’s on the fence about getting the 30-Day Blueprint, what will you tell them?”… here’s what she has to say:

“For me, you don’t have to think twice kasi if there’s an opportunity for you right now. Why not grab it? Maybe it will be for you or maybe it will not be for you.

Pero, you’ll never know unless you try… unless you grab that opportunity. Kumbaga again, be consistent in doing everything na andun sa Blueprint and you will really see a result. 

However if you will not be that consistent and if you will not do it wholeheartedly… then I don’t think it’ll work for you, kasi you must execute everything you need to know or everything that you will learn.”

Success won’t just happen to someone.

It takes work, dedication, consistency, and commitment.

Most people only see the tip of the iceberg.

What people don’t see are the setbacks, mistakes, failures, and inner battles someone faced when they started.

Not all succeed.

Some even give up even before the real work begins.

That’s why if you want to succeed in freelancing, you need to know these three things to get you started on the right foot:

Action. You need to do the damn work. Stop chasing for clarity before you act. Take action first and you’ll get clarity along the way. Strategies don’t work unless you do. So, do it.

Consistency. You have to be consistent in your actions to create momentum. Momentum is the name of the game. Once you do things consistently, you’ll see the pattern, you’ll get used to it, and results will follow.

Roadmap. To shorten the learning curve, avoid mistakes and create results faster… you need a proven-to-work roadmap. Your journey will be so much easier if you have a blueprint to guide you exactly WHAT to do, WHERE to go, and HOW to do it.


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