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The Freelance Movement

A different brand of freelancing…

We believe there is a different and better way for Filipinos to do freelancing. A more valuable, less stressful way where clients see us as partners instead of employees.

We focus on GIVING VALUE. One of the least understood and least transparent aspects of our brand of freelancing where we sell our services coming from a place of help.

We believe in the kind of freelancing where you don’t need credentials, portfolio, or experience to land your high-paying projects and work with your ideal clients — the kind of freelancing where every Filipino freelancer has a fighting chance to have the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

And we’re obsessively passionate about what we do that we dream of the day where freelancing would be mentioned under the same breath as a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer because it deserves to be so.

Which is why this site is more about YOU than it is about us.

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This is a free Facebook Community where you can network, share ideas, learn and ask questions about freelancing.

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Weekly Blog

Every week, we put out some of our best stuff on launching and growing a freelance business that you love.

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4-Part Workshop

These are four (4) value-filled pages containing thought provoking content (and cheat sheets) about starting an ideal freelance business.

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Every week we interview students from inside the Tribe. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And we got them sharing their thoughts and spilling the beans on their success.

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