What Happens When You Just Follow The Process

What happens when you know what to do to get your ideal premium client and yet you can’t do it? Deep inside, you feel something is stopping you because you feel you’re not experienced enough, you’re not knowledgeable enough, etc?

You overthink what will happen next without even trying at all.

Charlene Ormo shared how she transitioned from overthinking to modifying the steps to work for her.

In this interview, she talks about how she tried a lot of approaches to receive favorable results for her freelancing business.

And yet, she still experienced a lot of rejections. Listen how she managed to overcome it and shifted her focus on what will give her better results.

[9:47] – Listen as to why Charlene thought joining the Tribe is a no-brainer decision and why you should do the same. Take it from a woman who enrolled in a lot of paid and free international courses, who’s been there, done that.

[19:15] – What you should keep in mind when reaching out to prospects to overcome analysis paralysis.

[40:34] – Discover the ‘secret’ pitch to get 1:1 prospects to hop on a call.

[1:19:56] – The step-by-step approach that works for her giving her more chances to land calls and clients later on.

And much more!

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