Prospects In Less than 30 Minutes

Most freelancers thought that the only way you can find clients is through freelancing platforms like Upwork and

Or worse, they have no idea how to connect and build relationships with them the right way.

They try to everyone and offer almost all skills they can get hold of until they end up feeling overwhelmed, confused, and exhausted.

Sounds familiar?

In this video, April will teach us how she made connecting to clients simple (so simple it only takes 30 mins a day).

In this video, you will also learn:

[2:30] – April shares her story of how she connected with her (first? Second? special?) client

[5:16] – Her exact connecting scripts that convert to premium clients

[1:16:44] – April talks about her motivation to enter freelancing at a young age and how we can learn from her goals

[1:18:32] – When is the best time to change your current skill and try a new one.

[1:22:57] – Her two fail-proof mantras which help her achieve the goal of building a successful freelance business.

And much, much more!

By now, you have actionable steps on where to find clients and how to connect with them. You’ll never have to worry about new leads ever again.

If you want to be part of the Tribe and start simplifying the process to get premium clients, click the link below to join our waiting list.