Case Studies

Aiza Coronado

I Thought I’ll Never Close Premium Deals Myself. But When I Shifted My Focus…!

Bea Vergara

From A 2-Star Rating To Becoming The Most In-Demand Funnel Designer

Dina Samuel

Dina Samuel

How A Mom’s P9,995 Investment Became P2,892,600 in 1 Year

Anna Santos

How A Former Nurse Turned Freelancer Transitioned From Being Paid $1 Per Hour To Having Monthly Paying Clients While Turning Her Client Into A Referral Machine

Pet Arnaldo, Jr.

How A Corporate Employee Earned An Additional P50K Monthly Income From A Side Hustle

April Alen Abion

How A Writer Went From $1 Per Article To Fulfilling Her Dream Of Becoming A Copywriter For The Largest Publishing Company in the U.S.