Home-Based Employee to Business Partner

How can you negotiate a partnership deal with your client even if you’re charging $3 per hour?

Donna shares how you can position your skills to become your client’s solution-based partners.

Discover how she reached her goal from earning 6 figures to 7 figures (turning 8 figures) income per month in under a year.

In this video, you will learn:

[8:22] – Her journey on how she started doing home-based jobs and what she’s doing now to earn 7-figures per month.

[20:30] – Donna shares her simplified process on how she can manage multiple clients without losing her cool.

[25:00] – Listen and pick her brain on how she turned an Upwork client into a premium deal.

[1:00:19] – Her step-by-step marketing strategy and how you can apply them to your freelancing business.

Take note as she also revealed how she maintains consistent leads coming in and how being “makulit with a solution” helps her scale her freelance business.

[1:27:40] – The one important thing you need to do when you start working with your client and how this will set your client accountable for success.

And her advice especially for those freelancers who don’t know what skill to choose and what the premium clients prefer.

PLUS much, much more!

If you want to turn your $3 per hour job to 6-figure or even 7-figure deal, join us by clicking the link below.