Character and Value Despite The Odds

If you aspire to enter into freelancing, you need to know this: freelancing is not for the weak.

If a typhoon hits the country, your town gets flooded that water gets into your house soaking every piece of furniture in it. And still, your client is expecting you to deliver the work on time that day, what would you do?

Some will be honest enough to tell their current situation to their clients, while some will not mind informing at all. But only a few will take the risk of continuing the work as expected, despite the existing disaster.

This is how Paula Kristina Danganan responds to the situation.

In this interview, you will hear how she faces fear and continues freelancing even though life throws a lot of typhoons in her life:

[3:50] – How Paula continues to work as a freelancer amidst life challenges coming her way. And the 2 main weapons she has to overcome the storms.

[7:38] – Paula shared that despite her colleagues’ warning not to resign and shift to freelancing, she still feels happy with her decision of starting her freelancing journey.

[23:21] – “Failures are inevitable.” Paula shared what she did even if she failed a lot of times in her career.

[40:34] – A step-by-step process where to start, even if you don’t know what skills you want to offer. Listen to her story and learn why you don’t need to have the perfect skill to start.

And a whole lot more…

If you want to face your fears and start your freelancing business, even though life throws a lot of typhoons in your life, click the link below.