Charging Premium Packages

Charging premium fees doesn’t require years of experience.

Neither does it require a thick portfolio.

Or a long list of courses inside your resume.

There’s something you should learn which is far from what I’ve mentioned.

And you can discover it from Donna’s interview.

If you want to charge premium fees but you don’t know where to start, then you should watch this video.

Discover how Donna talks about her step-by-step freelancing journey. And how she applies all her learnings inside the Tribe.

Inside this interview, you’ll discover:

[15:05] – Donna talks about how she impressed her prospects and hired her, later on. Plus, the one thing we should have when we act and think like a business owner.

[27:47] – How she positions her pricing which makes her clients choose the highest investment fee without hesitation.

[42:50] – How she was able to deliver a premium experience for her logo projects and how you can apply it to your clients too!

[58:35] – How she turned down “sobrang liit” $1,000 per month 20-30 hours per week offer, even if she didn’t have a source of income at that time.

[1:10:25] – Donna gives her honest to goodness advice who asked: “Paano kapag nagsisimula ka pa lang?”

[1:22:00] – Donna’s parting words that will help you anticipate what’s ahead of the journey if you want to get premium clients.

If you want to learn more about how you can stop charging $3.35 hourly. And how you can charge premium fees ($5K project), just like what Donna, click the link below to join our waitlist.