From 6 Figure Job to 6 Figure Freelancing

A lot of full-time employees looked for ways to climb up the corporate ladder with the hope to earn more.

Most people think that getting a promotion means prestige, power, and influence. And that it will make them closer to pursue their dreams.

But what if getting to the peak of your career is what kills your dreams?

At the peak of your career, most people just let it be, putting their dreams in the back seat.

And most of the time, they didn’t pursue it at all because of the responsibilities they need to handle.

Yet, Cons go against the grain.

She believed…

“You can back out in your jobs, but you can’t back out in your dreams”

Listen to how Cons faced the challenge to quit the corporate world (even at the peak of her career).

Here’s what you’ll learn in the interview:

[4:20] – Cons shares an unexpected, life-altering experience that made their lives a little complicated. And how they bounced back the ordeal.

[21:20] – How she got her first client which afforded her not to go back to the corporate world.

[28:27] – Take note what to do before a prospect invited you to a call to get your service

[37:31] – How the power of network and follow-up helped her find new clients using a new skill

[43:38] – Find out what is Con’s fail-proof plan if in case her marketing strategies don’t work with clients. (Note: If you think it’s a refund, then you’re wrong.)

[52:31] – Learn how to get more clients and what’s the best thing to do when they asked for samples

[1:04:55] – How to use fear in your advantage even when you’re starting out?

[1:10:45] – Cons’ advice on how to reach your end goal and set you on fire

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