From A 2-Star Review to Becoming An Infusionsoft Rockstar…

Freelancing platforms like Upwork offer Freelancer Rating to give clients an idea of the freelancer’s performance on previous jobs.

And most of the time, this has an impact on the overall standing as a freelancer. Some find it difficult to bounce back from a dreaded 2-star rating.

But Bea did the unthinkable for some.

In this interview, you’ll hear how she bounces back, not just in bad feedback, but also in life that propel her to achieve her goals even at a young age:

[18:12] – How Bea managed to start a new life with just 500 pesos in her pocket…

[22:13] – How she found her first freelance job and what happened when she started to focus on reaching her goals

[41:22] – Bea talks about her experience when she up-rated her Upwork from 2 to 5 the fastest way possible. And how you can, too!

[50:15] – The mindset that turned a General Virtual Assistant to a Multi-skilled VA and now — an Infusionsoft Rockstar.

[1:04:30] – The best way to get the client’s attention in a saturated market and how to give value upfront.

There’s no such thing as failures, only learning. You will also learn from her story about how mistakes and bad reviews can propel you to become a better service provider.

And a whole lot more…

If you want to bounce back from a 2-star review or a bad freelancing situation in general, join us and click the link below.