High-Paying Clients On Upwork?

Most freelancers think freelancing is a very competitive career.

If you’re a weak-ling, your chances of survival will be at a minimum.

Freelancing platforms like Upwork could test your patience. It’s because there are a lot of other freelancers vying for the job you’re applying for.

There are other nationalities who take jobs for peanuts.

Or worse, there are others who are far better than you, experienced than you, or tougher than you.

You want to earn more, yet, only a few jobs offer premium fees.

What if I told you that you can find premium clients willing to pay premium fees — even if they originally posted the job with a low hourly rate?

Listen to how Aiza Coronado d this one thing and turned the table to her favor from an original offer of $15 per hour… to $2,500 per month.

In this video, she also shared how her life’s ups and downs affected how she deals with clients, what holds her back.

And how the Tribe helped her to bounce back — strong.

Here are what you’ll discover inside the interview:

[43:27] – How a webinar changed Aiza’s process in dealing with her prospective clients and what happened after. (This will surprise you.)

[45:20] – How Aiza turned a “No Way!” to “Hell Yeah!” even after the proposal has been rejected by the client.

[49:44] – The bullet-proof advice from Coach Niel which works for Aiza and other Tribe members — every single time.

[56:20] – Discover “THE ONE” reason that motivates Aiza to add another freelancing work even beyond her 9 to 9 job. (Most of us want to achieve the same thing.)

[58:14] – Aiza takes us to the journey on how she’s able to persuade her client to pay a fixed rate fee of $2,500 per month… instead of a per hour rate.

Excited to learn more about how The Freelance Movement Tribe can help you?