Offering Results (Not Skills) = Premium Clients

Today, most freelancers think they need to offer different services so they can charge higher rates.

They’re missing a simple strategy on how to approach clients to make your offer valuable to them. 

In this video, Dina Samuel shared her story as a new mom and how she landed her first premium client. And how she acquired a different mindset in finding her ideal clients. 

[50:01] – Discover how a unique pattern of messaging helped her reach out to prospective clients

[56:48] – How she landed on her first client (bonus: she revealed a popular website where you can find clients. It’s not what you think.)

[1:14:47] – Find out how a total shift in mindset helped her land premium deals 

[1:20:27] – Dina answered when asked: “Is it really possible to land premium clients even without experience?” 

[1:32:49] – Dina’s advice about what to do if you feel doubtful with your skills and market.

And much more!

If you are interested to know more about freelancing as a business and shift your mindset as a business owner, click the link below.